Summer is upon us, and 2019 is almost half over; have you revisited your New Years resolutions lately? You remember those, right? Way back when it was cold, you jotted down your goals. So how did you do? Are you a statistic, or are you holding steady? Less than 25% of us stay with a resolution for even 30 days; less than 8% actually accomplish their resolutions. Why is it so hard to hold true to these goals that we set for ourselves?

The first rule is to set reasonable, achievable targets and not try to completely change your nature overnight. Too much change too fast, and you’re gonna have a bad time. Short term goals are critical – get yourself some wins so you can stay motivated and on course. If the only target is months down the line, it’s too easy to feel like you aren’t making it.

The Big Truth

Here comes the big truth: easy times bring out the pretty words and fun ideas. Hard times bring out your true colors. When times are good, things are going well, you’re in that afterglow from the holidays, you can sit and think of all the great things you could do next year. “I’m going to quit smoking, change jobs, cure cancer, write the great American novel, and fix global warming, all by May!”

OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but some goals are pretty far out there. Now, I’m all in for a big hairy goal – set the bar high and go do it. The key, of course, is to go do it!! It doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t often come quickly. When setting those big hairy goals, you are creating a lot of pressure, a ton of potential conflict – especially if you don’t generate those short term wins.

Conflict, with yourself or with others, is easy to work around when times are good. We make all kinds of excuses for ourselves and others: “I’ll make up the 2 miles next time out.” “She didn’t mean what she said, she was just upset.” Maybe you actually DO make up the miles; maybe she didn’t really mean it – but what you do when the going is tough matters.

When stress levels are high and life is hitting back, you find what people are really made of. Your boss may be all kinds of fun, but when the stuff hits the fan and he’s lashing out, that’s a problem. Your partner may be “The One” in your mind, but if they react to tough times by taking it out on you, you need to revisit the relationship.

…There Is A Season…

1DOS Foundation is going through some exciting times right now; our confirmation as a 501(c)3 charity has opened up a whole slew of things we’ve been chomping at the bit to do. We are very close to announcing a huge event, in fact. Now it’s time to get down to work and make these things happen.

As we take on these new challenges, one thing is clear – it’s time to lead. When it was all “in the future”, we were preparing to do all the things – curing the cancer, fixing the global warming, writing the novel – you know, the usual. Now it’s go time. We are setting short term targets towards our big hairy goal, and we are going to get it done.

Not later.

Not next time.

The time is now.

So… what are your short term goals??

Photo by Fab Lentz on Unsplash