There it is in the distance, coming closer every step. Your end goal, your finish line. It’s the fire pit at a Spartan race, the timing gate at a road race, the end of your project at work. It’s what you’ve been working for, and the place you’ve been trying to reach.

You dig deep, gather your focus and do your best to reach that end goal with your head high. It’s not easy to do, but there’s something about seeing the finish line that raises your spirits and gives you the energy to finish. There are a million heart-warming stories out there; friends and strangers helping others complete their goals. Getting to the line is what matters; finishing it in style is a bonus.

Down the stretch

Man, I was tired last week. This was my sixth tax season; the first five weren’t so bad. I lose time with my beautiful, sainted wife and The Boy, but the rewards (both financial and the joy I take from helping people fix problems) help balance it. This year, though, for various reasons, it was more of a bear than before.

I am quite sure I was not much fun to be around down the stretch; Monday morning (April 15) I found myself ready to blow up at anything and everything. I’ve never taken the day after the season off from my day job, but it was suggested by a couple coworkers. The more I thought about it, the better I felt just considering it.

That cinched the deal; the vision of a finish line helped me perk up and carry through. My last client of the night was a couple who came in a little down and expecting the worst. By the end, all three of us were laughing and enjoying it (as much as one can). Exhausted as I was, I felt so refreshed by reaching that line, I briefly considered working Tuesday anyway. No, I needed the day!

A loop at the lake

What did I do with my day, you ask? (You didn’t ask, but you’re still reading, so you’re gonna find out…) In addition to some errands, I went to WyCo and ran a loop on the trail. I don’t get up there often enough, even though I love the trail. Broke in my new trail shoes, didn’t worry about time – I just ran.

It was glorious. Middle of the week, no one else around, in a beautiful place, on a relaxing run – I could feel the tension melting away. That’s the beauty of the finish line, the end goal; when you get there everything feels… better. The water is sweeter, the beer colder, the temp is always perfect.

These moments are what keeps me going as the world piles up on me. Knowing that there will be a finish line is the best motivation I can think of. As you push towards your goals, there’s a lot to remember. Yes, check your form. Remember your why, your reason for doing what you do.

Just as important, though is this – don’t lose sight of the finish line. When it gets tough – and it will! – keep focusing on the end goal. It’s just over the hill, getting closer with every step. You got this!