Everyone, I’d like you to meet my spirit animal – Carl the Cat.

First off, if you don’t like cats, we may not be able to be friends. Cats carry that independent “screw you” spirit while simultaneously knowing that they need help sometimes (damn this lack of opposable thumbs!).

I understand that attitude and appreciate it. This is my journey; I am the only one who is going to get it accomplished, so I have to make it happen. Some days, though, I need accountability buddies and someone to lean on. I need someone to talk to, yowl, and paw at (apologies to my beautiful, sainted wife).

So, yeah, I get cats and where they are coming from. Carl, in particular, is my kind of guy; this picture always makes me smile. The pose, the way he’s looking in the mirror with his chin up a little – he totally looks like he’s giving himself a pep talk. It’s pretty perfect, really. (Purr-fect? Sorry…)

We all need that some days; to look ourselves in the eye and say, hey, you can do this shit. You’re not going to quit. You’re not going to let the tired or the stress or the whatever beat you – not today.

Get Inspired

Inspiration comes from different places. Recently we had a new shark post a video, saying she wasn’t sure if this was OK to put in our FB group. Miles, who has cerebral palsy, dead lifts 200 pounds in the video. It’s an inspiring story of someone persevering against seemingly impossible odds.

That, of course, is EXACTLY the kind of thing we are looking for. Some days are harder than others; some days that mountain seems too big. We all have those days. When you are stuck, when you can’t go another step, remember Miles overcoming his obstacles. For me, that makes my struggles seem small and lets me refocus.

That Red Dot

Carl has been chasing that red dot forever with no luck – but he doesn’t give up. Yes, it’s instinct – but that’s not a bad thing. When you are changing and rearranging your life, there is no single finish line. There are benchmarks and goals along the way, but you’re never “done”.

The finish line, the red dot, keeps moving on you. Sometimes it gets pushed farther down because you’ve changed your goals as you gained strength. Occasionally it moves laterally (or all around in circles) as life throws twists and turns your way. When that happens, you can take a pause, take a breath, regroup – but DO NOT GIVE UP.

Take some time, look yourself in the mirror, and remind yourself that today is the day. You will go out there, and you will catch that red dot – or at least the next goal along your path to the red dot. Then you get up tomorrow and go after that damn red dot again. Keep challenging yourself, and you’ll be surprised how far you can chase it!