I post here every two weeks. Sometimes I love them; other times I finish and think, “Well, at least it’s done.” Sometimes I get great response from readers; others it’s crickets. Honestly, that’s fine. The ones I love are not always the ones that get great response – and that’s fine, too.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t purely write for my own sanity or enjoyment – but if absolutely no one reads this, it’s still cathartic on some level. These things bounce around my skull to the point of fixation. Getting them out of there is the best thing I can do.

So when I finished my last blog, I took a nice breath. Life happened, and I got sidetracked from announcing it to the world. (I know, you totally felt the hole in your life from not seeing it.) A few days later, my calendar reminder popped up and I thought, “Oh yeah, I need to do that.” That was January 6, 2021.

Oh… THAT Day

By the time I thought to post, the events at the U.S. Capitol dominated most people’s attention – myself included. Now, I don’t do political writing here. I have my opinions, and I’m pretty sure if you know me you have a good idea where I stand. But the conversation at this site is about becoming the best you, physical and mental wellness, and the Foundation.

Is there an intersection between overarching, major world events and mental wellness? Unquestionably, yes. Do we live in a fractured society, where elements on both sides refuse to listen to the other and look for excuses to lash out with their internet courage? Also unquestionably, yes.

So I choose to hold this as a separate dialogue. I suppose someone could be offended and verbally attack me for suggesting they work on goalsetting or believing in themselves, but I’ll take my chances. If you REALLY want to talk politics (in a level-headed, open-minded, two-sided conversation way), grab a six pack and come on over.

Where Our Brains Take Us


I choose to block out that noise here. Yes, it can be as simple as that. How do you focus on what’s important to you when everyone is screaming for attention?

Sometimes we do it automatically. The Boy made a reference to a commercial the other day; then we had to stop and remember what the brand was. The ad content we knew; the brand took a little thinking. I’m guessing that’s not what the agency was going for.

(Ed. note: It should go without saying, but I own no rights to Mad Men, AMC, or anything relating to this image.)

Our brains will focus on what we choose to remember; I choose the things that will carry me to my goals. I know where I’m going, and how I intend to get there. Anything not a part of that is temporary and I refuse to let it set up camp in my skull.

I am not suggesting to live your life head down, oblivious to what is around you – that’s no way to live. Finding a way to compartmentalize will go far in maintaining your focus (and sanity). Personally, I have gone through stages where I let myself get irrationally angry over things I cannot possibly control. I’ve also let myself get furious over things I can control – but I don’t. Neither of those is remotely productive!

On some level, the outside chatter is no different than the noise we feed ourselves. Experience it, own it – but don’t let yourself wallow. That noise doesn’t ever go away, but it gets quieter. Like living next to the train tracks, you can phase it out if you let yourself. Be who you want to be, and keep your eyes always forward.

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash