The rules are very simple:

You MUST pick all games. If you do not list the winner in any game, you will have it counted as a loss. Period. NOTE: The First Round (4 Play-In games) will not be counted this year. You can pick them if you want, but they will not count towards (or against) your score.

The easiest way (well, for me…) to do the entries is to use the Entry Net. Pool name is Lord Karl, there is no password. Hit “Go Update Entries”, then create your User Name. Follow the links, then you can create an entry.

Want to make another entry? Follow the links back.

Multiple entries are encouraged!

For manual entries: You can list winners by team name or by seeding, but when you get to the Final Four, you must list team names. I won’t guess which #1 seed you picked, you will just lose the points. Sorry.

Make sure you put your name and a number I can reach you at so I can tell you how much money you won.

Email to

Fax to 913-491-8994.
Mail to: Koelle
14462 W. 140th Street
Olathe, KS 66062

All entries are due TO ME by Thursday, March 21 at 12:00 noon EST/11:00 CST. That’s right before the first tip-off. 

Entries are $5 apiece. Money is due to me by Sunday, March 31.

The whole pot pays out as follows –

1st Place: 60% of the total pot
2nd Place: 30% of the total pot
3rd Place: 10% of the total pot

Tiebreaker is total points, both teams, championship game.

Now for the important part – the scoring rules!


1st Round
(Round of 64, March 21-22)
1 ptRegional Finals (Elite 8, March 30-31)4 pts
Upset Special
(Round of 64 only)
3 ptsNational Semifinals
(April 6)
6 pts
2nd Round
(Round of 32, March 23-24)
2 ptsChampionship Game
(April 8)
8 pts
3rd Round
(Sweet 16, March 28-29)
3 pts

The upset special works like this – any 11th seed or lower that you pick to win is actually worth 4 pts., not just 1 (if they actually win the game).
This rule applies to first round games only.
EXAMPLE: XYZ University is an 11th seed, and is playing ABC University (a 6th seed). You pick XYZ and they win. You get 4 pts. The next round, you also had them picked to win, and they do. That’s 2 pts. The seedings don’t matter after the first round. 

I just want to say – Good luck, and we’re all counting on you.