I already told you that falling is easy
It’s getting back up that becomes the problem
If you don’t believe you can find a way out you become the problem

And if you believe you can find a way out then you’ve solved the problem

Staind – “Falling”

I spent a good portion of my life as a master excuse maker (a trait I shared with The Boy). Oh, I can rationalize and justify with the best of them! Need a reason not to exercise, not to eat right, to do just about anything? I got you. Over the last few years, though, I’ve made a conscious effort to own my words, my life – but I do backslide. The truth is, sometimes I just don’t WANT to do “the right thing” for myself and my wellness. The easier path is, well, easier.

We talk a lot at the 1DOS Foundation about “progress not perfection” and putting our bad days behind us. There are always going to be things that cause you to change your plans; “modifications” (to use a fitness term) that will come into play. You can fall off the wagon or you can find a way.

For example, we just spent a weekend in Tulsa with The Boy’s baseball team. Life in the time of COVID being what it is, the pool and gym were closed at the hotel. Oklahoma being what it is, it was hot and humid. Late nights and long days are not great motivators for exercise, either.

The end result? Both Saturday and Sunday morning, I wound up doing an ab workout in the grass across from the hotel and running a couple miles. Not because I wanted to, but because I said I would. The good (and bad) part of an accountability partner is even if I would let myself off the hook, I will not commit to a workout and then not do it. How could I hold her accountable next time if I didn’t follow through?

So… Ab Workout?

Yes, about that. This is a result of some backsliding, you see… If you know my story you know I lost a lot of weight several years ago and started to get healthy. One side effect of weight loss is extra skin. It doesn’t just disappear, although it will tighten back to a point. That skin is part of me, part of my story, and I’ve never really considered any alternatives to removing that badge.

What I did do, though, is let that stand as a built-in excuse. My abs are never going to be fitness model-level six pack. I allowed that to mean that they were as good as they were going to get. It’s just that pesky skin! The truth, though? I knew that was bullshit. Lying to yourself is easy to do, but if you get out of your own way, you can work to solve the problem.

One app download later, and I’ve added an ab workout series to my daily schedule. How’s it going, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you – it sucks and I hate her. That damn voice from my phone, cheerily pronouncing how many ridiculous paddle boat dumbbell crunches are up next… reminding me to keep my core engaged (as though I could do these damn things without engaging my core). Oh yes, I hate her.

Know what else? 15 days in, I’m realizing just how much I was lying to myself about my core being as good as it was going to get. 15 days and I can feel and see a difference. Oh, I’m not going to be mistaken for Max Philisaire any time soon, but yes – it works. So, yeah, I hate her for thirty minutes a day or so, but once I survive that I hate her a little less…

In your life, you can make a decision. Falling is easy, after all. Everyone does it. Give yourself just the tiniest bit of a break, and don’t beat yourself down when you do. Get back up, get yourself moving. Believe that you can find a way out, believe that you can find someone to help you reach your goals, and you have solved that problem.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash